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The Importance of Young Wolves In Caring For Pups
Oct 1, 2009
Reproductive relationships are the strongest, most durable bonds in an established family of wolves, but there are also other close bonds, such as between 12-16-month-olds and the current pups.    
Wolves With Pups Open To Hunting Inside Denali National Park On September 1: Two Key Points
Aug 18, 2009
Two points warrant clarification and repeated emphasis for an understanding of the Kantishna “subsistence” wolf-hunting issue (Aug 16 blog). Both are easily misinterpreted and overlooked.  
Wolves With Pups Open To Hunting Inside Denali National Park On September 1
Aug 16, 2009
Unless the National Park Service takes long overdue action, an important wolf family will again be at high risk during the annual Kantishna subsistence hunt in the heart of Denali National Park.
Raising Pups Cooperatively
Jul 23, 2009
Once again, the wolves of the decades-old Toklat family of Denali National Park are cooperating to raise their new offspring with a level of sophistication that is unusual even in human societies.
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